What to Cook?

Every day's Dilemma for most Home Chefs - what to cook?

Here is a list for all you, but what’s more important is to improve these recipes, while you cook each day. To make these recipes unique,  you need to adapt to a new taste that is loved by your family and friends. 

There can be newer recipes coming up from home kitchens, but it is equally important that we not only innovate but also improve on these recipes

Each recipe has its only taste, but have you ever tried to go through the recipe ingredients, the spices, to check if you can either add some more spices or simply try to concentrate on a particular set of spices for a particular recipe and new set of spices the next time the same recipe is being cooked?

Did you try to add more ingredients to a recipe for the purpose of improvising the recipe? Nuts add a lovely flavor to most recipes, so next time give it a try, either to blend it or to add it as a garnish. 

We are not doubting the traditional cooking methods, but can we try to cook recipes differently, instead of using a regular gas flame, try cooking over coal. Did you try slow cooking? 

Did you try making a thali with more recipes, as a change, which comprises of two different types of kinds of rice, two different variety of Rotis, 3 different types of curries, 2 different types of starters, 2 different types of dals, raita, papadam, and a couple of sweet recipes? Along with at least 4-5 pickles and chutneys. 

Traditional recipes that are being cooked at home 

List for breakfast

Khichdi, khatta Pulsu papad
Khagina with Roti or Pooris
Nahari Paya with Naan
Kaleji/ Gurde Masala or Fried with Roti or Parathas
Bheja Fry with boiled rice or Pooris
Aloo Kheema and Roti
Egg Omlete with Toast or Roti
Egg or Tuna Sandwiches with Cheese and Mayonese
Egg Jungli Sandwich
Egg Alu Tamator Bhurji and Roti
French Toast
Chicken Egg Frankie
Mutton Sutriyaan
Bambino with Kheema or Vegetables
Chicken Burger
Maash ki daal with roti
Khadi daal with roti
Meethi daal with roti
Turai Chane Ki Daal and Roti
Upma with achaar
Besan Roti
Idly/ dosa/ vada/ with sambar or chutney
Pancakes with maple syrup or honey
Aloo paratha with yogurt
Puri with saag or cholay
Pav bhaji with pav
Fried bhindi/ fried mushrooms with Roti
Meethe baingan with roti
Kandoori fried with roti
Aloo Ka Salan with roti
Alu Patta Gobi and Roti
Gobi Manchuria and Roti
Kaddu ka salan and Roti
Aam Ras with Roti or Pooris
Rave Ki Kheer and Pooris

Lunch and dinner :-

Ambade ki bhaji with shaami or shikampur
Alu Binis ki phalli with simple boiled rice
Arvi Gosht ka Khata + Palak Gosht or Shami
Bagara Khana dalcha aloo methi gosht/ sem ki phalli/ gavar ki phalli
Bagara Khana khorma
Besan ki kadi + shami or pasinde or Palak Gosht
Bhendi Gosht ka sherwa + Masoor ki Khadi Daal
Bhendi Ki Kadi + Palak Gosht
Biryani, mirchi Ka Salan dahi ki chutney
Budma gosht with rice
Burgers with fries
Chicken 65 chicken fried rice broccoli steamed with any soup chicken corn or sweet and sour soup
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Curry + tomato chutni
Curd rice
Daal with aloo methi gosht
Dahi ki kadi with talahuwa gosht
Dalcha + chicken salan or any veg or fry ghosh
Dumm k Kheema with roti or rice
Dumm Ka chicken with naan and biryani
Ganwar Ki Phalli Gosht + Tik Ki Chutney
Gosh with dahi ki kardi too looks good
Gosht Alu Binis Ki Palli
Gosht ki Kadi + Any Khadi Daal
Gosht Tamate
Gosht Ka Dupyaza (with Aamchoor)
Haleem with biryani
Handi Ke Kawab
Kaali Mirchi Gosht + Khatti Daal
Kaddu Dalcha, gosh with same or gawar ki phalli, bagara khaana.
Kaju rice with chicken Ka Salan
Katli + Talawa Gosht / Chicken Fry / any dry veg salan…
Khadi daal with achaar and pyaaz k ande
Khati dal + Cutlets
Khatti Daal + Dum ka Chicken
Khatti Daal + Dum ka Gosht
Khatti Daal + Fried chicken KFC style
Khatti Daal + Mutton Pasinde
Khatti Dal with Chcikn 65 or Green Chckn 

Khatti dal / Talahuwa Gosht / Fried Fish / Prawns/ Cutlets 
Kheema Karela with Tomatos
Kheema methi aloo with rice
Khubooli + Kofte + Mirchiyon Ka Salan or Bagare Baigan
Kofte ka Khorma
Kofte Tamatar
Lemon rice + Chicken 65
Maithi chicken + khati dal
Machli Ka Meetha Salan
Machli Ka Khatta Salan
Marag + Biryani
Masale ke Karele
Mutton Mahe khaliya and Moong ki khadi Daal
Mutton Mandi
Kardhi with Pooris / Rotis / Boiled Rice
Patta Gobi Gosht + Tomato Chutney or Any Achar
Phool Gobi Gosht or Kheema + Tomato Chutney
Pulihora + Aloo Pyaaz Ka Salan
Rice bagare baingan with fried gosht
Rice tomato ki chutney with chicken 65
Sherwa bhindi Ka with rice and Kheema
Tahari , veg pulao ,khichri kheema til ki chatni at times or Fridays
Tahari dahi ki chutney
Tamoto chutni +kheema
Tandoori chicken leg pieces with tomato ki chutney
Tomato cut with boiled eggs and rice
Tomato gosht methi Ka Salan with Kheema fry
Tomato ki kadi with kali mirchi Ka gosht
Turai Chane Ki Daal
Turayi Gosht Methi with rice
Veggie biryani with dahi ki chutney + Kofte
Zeera rice and bagare baingan
Zeera rice with dal tadka and chicken 65

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