Recipe for Rotis

A staple part of the Indian diet, chapati, or the Rotis. Almost every household in India cannot go without adding some kind of Rotis into their daily and even special meals. 

Rotis are made from whole grains flour and go well with a variety of our recipes and gravies. 

We can make Rotis unique by flavoring them with various spices or by using some kind of stuffing and customizing them. 

Ingredients for Rotis

Whole wheat flour (Atta flour)- 250 gms
Water (to knead the dough) – 170 mls
Salt – 1/2 a teaspoon
Oil – 1 teaspoon

You can also use a bit of warm milk or yogurt to knead the dough, as it adds its own uniqueness. 

Method to make Rotis

Using a large flat platter or a bowl sieve the flour and the salt using a flour sieve or colander

Drizzle the oil onto the sieved flour mixture and mix. Now keep pouring the water into the dough a little at a time and using one hand keep mixing in the dough simultaneously 

Bring the dough together and once it has combined well knead it well to achieve a soft pliable dough 

In the process, if the dough gets too soft then add in a little dough and combine or if it turns tough to add in a little water and continues to knead 

Once the dough is ready, divide it into roughly 50 gm portions and roll these portions out into circular balls 

Now flatten each ball out one at a time between the palms of your hands and dust the flattened ball with some loose flour 

Using a rolling pin and a flat board flatten out each ball into circular bread ( between 15-17cm in diameter ) of equal thickness 

Keep sprinkling some dry flour in between in case the flour turns sticky 

Once the roti has been rolled out we cook it on a Tawa or flat pan
For this place, a flat pan or Tawa on medium flame and when it begins to heat up, slap the roti gently onto the Tawa and leave it to cook until you have seen small bubbles appearing on the surface 

At this point flip over the roti or flatbread with a flattened ladle and cook the same on the other side 

Continue to cook till both ends of the roti are well cooked
Take it off the taw and repeat the process with the rest of the flattened uncooked Rotis

Serve these with picked, curries both vegetarian as well as non- vegetarian gravies, jams, or just have it plain with a cuppa tea !!

Rotis can be made is different variations. We generally create different filling to go with this. We even add minced lamb curries into the Roti to make a Roll from these rotis

Please do comment your version of Roti and posibility. 

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