Use of authentic spices is important. The right ingredients adds taste and flavour making the recipe unique.

A recipe without the right ingredients is never complete. While you can add a few extra bits, or use some substitutes. We have listed all the spices with the usage of these spices.  This will help you to broadly use and innovate with these ingredients, and so it’s not just limited to one recipe, you can actually innovate your own recipe to your taste., and this is what makes the recipe truly Unique. There cannot be a particular taste which can suitable for all. A lot of people cannot handle spicy food, on the other hand, I have seen people who cannot eat bland food. Not to forget, most of them still like to go with authentic food recipes. Well no matter where you stand, we are here to help you with the use and identification of quite a few ingredients, along with loads of unique recipes

All information about spices and other ingredients is based on my personal research and use. 

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Garam Masala Powder is widely used in most Indian recipes. It is basically a fine powder, to add additional warmth and aroma to various recipes.  This is about 400gm in this pack.  A lot of chiefs also make their own version of garam masala. Its comprises of Grounded Dhania or Coriander, ground dry ginger, ground cinnamon, ground cumin, ground black pepper, ground Pimento, Ground Cardamom, ground cloves, ground bay leaves, ground cassia, and ground nutmeg.

Turmeric Powder

Health is wealth!, this ingredient has now been widely accepted worldwide. It not only gives curry its colour but is a very good antiseptic.  Right from Milk or Tea, its use is most of the curries and variety of gravies, sauces.  This is a must to have an ingredient in our home kitchens. Turmeric is like root, and a lot of village and household in India, get the raw root and crush to a very fine powder.  

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Saffron one of the best ingredients used in many recipes. It is due to this special ingredient the Saffron, which makes Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe unique by giving it a rather aromatic flavour, when served. Saffron should only be used little and it gives our recipe, aroma, color, and rich flavor. Saffron is the most expensive spice, however, it is a muct to have in our kitchen as it’s the most aromatic of all. Saffron is used in a wide variety of recipes.

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Black Cardamom Pods

The flavour of these cardamoms is rather different from regular green cardamoms.  These cardamoms have a very smoky flavour, they are dried over an open fire. These cardamom s bigger in size and contain a cluster of fragrant black seeds inside. We can either open the use the seeds, or we can use the whole pod. Both the outer and inner seeds are used for flavouring. 

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       Bay Leaves

Most commonly used in the dried format in soups, gravies, curries, stews for the aroma and fragrance they leave behind. They are removed and are not eaten after the curry is complete. 

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      Cinnamon Sticks

 It is an inner bark from several types of tropical trees. The bark from these trees is left to dry up and it often curls up. It has a slightly sweeter and warming aroma.  It is also used widely in its powdered form. 

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    Whole Cloves

Cloves are dried flower buds of a tree. Cloves have a sweet peppery flavour, it generally increases the warmth of curry and should be used wisely. Cloves have a lot of medicinal value and clove oil is also used in toothaches. This is a must to have spice if you love spicy food. 

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 Green Cardamom Pods

One of the most widely used of the two cardamoms. We recommend to slightly crush it before use, it has a lovely aromatic fragrance. It is widely used in Indian  Chai, and people love its taste. Green Cardamom is also widely used in various Indian Sweet recipes, especially in powdered form. 

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Whole Black Pepper (Black Peppercorns) 

One of the most important spices to have. We use this in various curry along with the regular red chillies to increase the intense of spice level. This can be used alone as a spice in various recipes. A lot Kitchen cooks prefer to ground them to make best use of this Black Pepper.

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       Cumin Seeds /Whole Jeera

 The famouse Jeera Dhaba Rice is incomplete without this recipe. We can use Jeera/cumin seeds to flavour oil befome making lots of Indian curries. Grounded Cumin Seeds are used in butter milk to make it a lovely refreshing summer breverage. This is a must to have Kitchen spice. 

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          Shahi Jeera 


   Shahi jeera is a blacker, expensive and a bit sweeter compared to cimin seeds. Its is used in various Indian curries especially Tandoori recipes. We can also flavour this on place white rice for a lovely flavour and taste. 

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       Dhaniya Powder / Grounded Corinder Seeds 

   Used a various curries and also used in garnishing, and in Roti dough for lovely flavour. Dhaniya Chicken curry gives you a lovely taste of this spice. 

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Rosewater adds excellent fragrance and flavor to make recipes, including rice, curries, and starters. We use this extremely well with rice and special deserts. RoseWater is also used for a lot of beverages. Women also use this on the face as a beauty product. Rosewater reduces redness and puffiness.  

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An extract from Pandanus flowers coming specially from Northern India, is used in various rice recipies, and espically for baking and preparing seeets. This has to be used carefully and in very samll quantity as it has a very strong aroma. A very little quantity should be used to fragance the recipe. 

  Organic Ajwain Seed or Indian Carom Seeds

 Similar to caraway and cumin seeds, its used in various recipes. It has good medecianal use, especailly to treat cold. The experts suggest that these can be simply used in flour before preparing the dough or can be used in to simly smell it or even 1/2 teaspoon of Ajwain seeds helps fight cold, and keeps the body warm. Women use this in various forms specailly during winter season to keep the family healthy. 

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Daawat Basmati Rice

One of the best extra long basmati rice we could get in UK is Daawat. After having tried various other brands we use this rice in all our recipes. Its recommended to use buy this as the older the rice get its gets better and hence go for this 20Kg rice bag. 

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Whole Wheat Flour  – Traditional India Flour

Rotis, Chapatis, Pooris, or Paratha, wheat flour is best suited and we recommend this for our recipes. This is 100% whole wheat. Great source of Protein, Calcium, Iron, and Fibre. 

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All-Purpose Flour – Traditional Indian Maida

Traditional Indian Maida is used in quite of few unique snacks we have published. We can even use this as a substitute or by adding it along with Whole Wheat for some recipes or for making Rotis or Pooris

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Gram Flour – Traditional Besan

Besan or Gram Flour is widely used in many recipes and Indian sweets. It is suitable for pakora and Bhajia. This is gluten-free. 

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Semolina Coarse – Bombay Rava or Sooji


In Indian, it’s quite famous for the sweet Sooji or Suji. Basically made from dried durum wheat. It is used in a variety of dishes especially various snacks and desserts


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Hara Masala 

Hara Masala is used extensively in many recipes, from marination to cooking and finally for garnishing. The word Hara refers to Green, and Hence its called Hara Masala refers to green spices,  which basically comprises of Fresh Coriander Leaves, Fresh green chilies, and fresh mint leaves. Sometimes Lemon and Lime add to the Hara Masala. The basic purpose is to add freshness to the recipe. 

Fresh Coriander Leaves 

Fresh Mint Leaves


Fresh Green Chillies

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