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Unique Home Recipes is what everybody is looking for, and its none other than our Home Kitchens from where they are tailored to home taste by excellent innovation and improvements. 

 Even the best chef in the world would not deny, there is nothing like home-cooked food! Home recipes that are tailored to your taste, making them special. 

Our very own ‘home chefs’ : our moms, dads and all of us who relish good food and step into the kitchens to cook a family meal are under constant pressure to come up with ‘Unique Home Recipes ‘ every day. This very desire and need to churn up something to satiate the palate of the family paves the way for improvements and innovations from Home Chefs giving rise to some ingenious and unique recipes created in our home kitchen. Unique Home Recipes is a platform to share what I passionately cook …a saga of one of a kind recipes being served to you in a Platter!

I would like to share many unique and selected home recipes; if you love and are passionate about having good food, then I am certain you would like many of these exceptional authentic cuisines. 

I am passionate about eating good food, and I truly believe, if you  are continuously thriving to get variety and taste, then you will be able to follow basic recipes and do wonders in your home kitchen. I am collecting, cook, and relished these recipes at our home in London. Family, friends, and colleagues all relish these unique home recipes. All the pictures taken are from our smart phone.


 Some of our very special royal recipes, are not available on high street or any restaurants around the country. I have tried to get these directly, from specialists cooks

back in India. However, I have innovated and improved them to taste. Thus, I invite all of you to join me if you have similar interest by submitting your unique home recipe. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner, or a snack time, I have some unique home cooked recipe for all. 


All recipes posted by author Ash M are are cooked by us in our home in London, and if you have any queries regarding those please feel free to approach us and we would be glad to address them. 

        May spices and variety add flavour to our life!


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Unique Home Recipes

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