Home Kitchen is incomplete without these essential cookware

A kitchen is incomplete without proper kitchenware and cookware.  A lot of our recipes are inspired by traditional & innovative cooking, hence the right cookware is vital.

To furnish your home kitchen, with the right cookware, we have provided a list of cookware along with each recipe. A lot of authentic cookware is not available in the UK, however, we have substituted them with the right alternatives by providing the picture, description, and link from Amazon to help you. We are trying to include the description and usage of each cookware and its importance where applicable. 

Wooden Cooking Tools Set

A complete set of spoons, turners, spatulas, of different sizes help the check at different stages of cooking. and this wooden set is the best works with non-sticking pans and pots while cooking. 

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    Turkish Cooper Pan

This cute copper pan is good for cooking and directly serving hot curries or gravies into it. Cooper vessles showcase a very royal look. In many house holds even today coopper was used for serving purposes extensively. 

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    Pressure Cooker

This is one of the most popular and must have cookware in home kitchens. All lamb recipes can be quickly and easly cooked in pressure cookers. You can also lentiles in pressure cookers. From childhood day, I have seen the amazing job presure cookers do when it comes to cooking. You save both time and gas when using pressure cooker

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 Pestle and Mortar Set Granite Stone (Black)

Fresh crushed spices are very important to get the best of the expensive spices we use. This granite stone Pestle and mortar is the one of the most helful set of cookware every kitchen should hold. We use it for crushing ginger-garlic paste along with crushing various spices. 

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Rice Cooker from Russell-Hobbs

This is a must-have electric rice-cooker in our home kitchens.  We can cook a variety of recipes using this rice cooker. It is best for even those who are not good at cooking rice recipes. I have tried and innovated a bunch of flavors with the rice cooker, from Paulo to various flavored rice. We can easily cook for about 4-6 head using this 1.8 Litre cooker. You can cook Chicken, and also steam you veges in Rice Cooker. Please visit Rice Cooker Recipes for More details.

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Philips Air Fryer

One of the best, Air Fryer available in the market. We can get a lovely deep fry effect without the use of oil in this lovely air fryer. Truly a healthy option for cooking chicken, chips, fish, and more. The chicken is juicy, tender with crisp outer,  just insert marinated chicken or fish and simply sit back and leave the rest to this fryer to do an extraordinary job. You can actually make Biryani in this. We are going to publish a lot of recipes only for this fryer in our easy cooking session. 

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  Food Chopper 

Finely chopped onions play vital role in any curry, and this food chopper is the best. We have been using this in our home and it making chopping onions so easy. It easy to wash it after use as well. 

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  Morphy Richards Kitchen Knife Set

A kitchen without proper knife set is incomplete. We recommend freshly chopped vegetables for all home recipes. Freshly chopped vegetables just adds to freshness of a curry. This Knife set is widely used in many household. 

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ProCook Stainless Steel  Saucepan Set

Stainless steel deep saucepan is the most reliable set of cookware the kitchen should possess. Without a dought, its easy to maintain and unlike non-stick cookware, these can be easily maintained. Home Kitchens extensively hold these, as it is used for a wide range of cuisines. 

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Food Processor – Blender, Chopper, Dough Blade, Shredder

A multi-purpose kitchen aid,  is very important not only for preperation but even while cooking. Many chefs use these food processor to blend the base curry into a fine paste which gives curry a lovely colour, texture and aroma. All the spices are freshly powdered using this blender to ensure all the freshness is retained within the and used in the curry, gravy or sause. 

Stainless Steel Cutlery for 4 People in Gift Box (16 Pieces)

Moving from Kitchen, a table without these does not give you look, remember it not always about taste, look also matter, and this is a lovely Gift box and can be used. We always arrange the dining table with these lovely dinnerware cutlery set.

                          Sizzler Set

I lovely spicey food, however, Sizzler even though it is a non-spicey dish, still remains my favourite dish. I just love the sizzling hot sizzler plate when its served. There is nothing like chicken Sizzler. This sizzler plate along with its hot plate holder and the wooden base is worth adding to the kitchenware.  Apart from chicken sizzler, we have also tried, lamb, prawns and fish sizzler. 



Copper Base Saute Pan

This lovely Saute Pan is very useful in home kitchens recipes, especially for Chicken curries. While cooking chicken, or any curry due to it’s wide base, the heat is evenly spread and it adds to the taste of the curry. Check  out our Lagan Chicken curryThis saute pan is multi-purpose and can be used for wide range of home recipes



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               Clay Bowls 175 ML (12 cm)

Clay adds a very distist flavour and aroma to the food. We all recall the mudy sweet fragrance when it rains, so is with these mud (clay) pots. 


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     Tower Rose Gold, Roating Spice Rack

This roating spice rack is a very handy spice kit to have it make cooking some much easier. This rack can hold about 16 of them with copper astethic. 

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Kadai – multipurpose cookware used in a variety of recipes.  It is excellent when it comes to frying, and we can even continue to cook the entire recipe in Kadai, with this one which comes with a lid. We have specified use of Kadai in many recipes, espically when it comes to frying.

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Insta Pot – a moden day cooking made easy with options like slow cooking to adjusting pressure level and even program recipes. Insta Pot comes with a huge range of recipes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian 

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