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At Unique Home Recipes we are committed to protecting your privacy. Hereunder this privacy policy we inform you about what personal details we collect when you visit our site and how we use this data.

Please do take time to read our Privacy Policy as its important for you to know how your data is being used. If you have any questions please feel free to get back to us at the earliest via email – info@uniquehomerecipes.com

What is our website?


What personal details do we collect?

When you visit our website, some data is automatically collected and stored in server logs via cookies. Please note this data however does not allow us to directly identify you. Its more to do with us recording your browsing on our website such as pages, posts, the date, time, or what you searched, the search queries, information related to your device, hardware model, operating system version, browser, language, etc.

We do not require your personal details when you visit our site. Please note if you wish to prevent this, you may configure your browser to do so, however it may disrupt the way you browse our website particularly some parts of the website.

When do collect your personal details like name, email, when you sign up for updates, leave a comment, request to register with us, or submit a recipe.

How do we use your personal details?

We only use your personal details within the authorized limits as set by the laws and regulations.

We use your data to keep you update to data about new and unique recipes and vital updates on our website with your concern.

How long do we keep your personal details with us

Personal data is kept with us for 10 years if there are no transactions.

How we protect your personal data

We have sophisticated technical measures to ensure that your personal details are recorded and processed in complete confidentiality

We ensure appropriate restrictions on access to your personal details by monitoring use and access or transfer of personal details.

We require any third-party service providers with whom we may share your personal data to comply with any applicable data privacy and confidentiality requirement

Our Employees, accessing your personal details are required to enter into a non-disclosure or similar agreements, which imposes a strict obligation on them to comply with our privacy policy

What rights do you have?

Under data protection laws you have the right to:

  • To tell us if you do not wish to receive any marketing information
  • In certain cases, require certain personal details of yours to be transferred to you or a third party
  • To request your data to be deleted, rectified, or amended
  • Access your personal details

Please contact us if you require us to perform any of the above tasks to help you with your personal data, however, please note we may require you to identify yourself with a copy of your valid ID. For more information please do contact us at info@uniquehomerecipes.com

Please refer to the following link for more details on GDPR

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