Chicken Nihari

Recipe for Chicken Nihari What is unique about Chicken Nihari? A rich traditional soup descending from the kitchens of the Mughal Emperors, Nihari is unique in its rich authentic flavor and preparation. Interestingly in ancient times, Nihari was cooked all night and then served to the Mughlai kings early morning as a breakfast feast !! …

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Gosht Durbari

Recipe for Gosht Durbari What is unique about Gosht Durbari? An intensely flavourful and rich dark mutton curry, Gosht Durbari finds its origin from the Mughalai secret recipes Made from slowly cooking meat cooked along with fried onions, yogurt, and spices, this recipe will definitely leave you craving for more. Ingredients for Gosht Durbari Meat …

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