Stuffed Bell Pepper2
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Lucknowi Kebab Biryani
Lucknowi Kebab Biryani
Lagan Chicken in Spicy Gravy
Stuffed Fish
Stuffed Fish with butter garlic sauce

Unique Home Recipes


Bringing to you the most exotic, richly flavoured and highly delectable authentic recipes from the land of India, Unique Home Recipes endeavours to help you cook up restaurant styled Indian delicacies in your very own home kitchens !! Bringing to you exceptional varieties of home cuisines in ChickenLambSea Food and Flavoured rice dishes,Unique Home Recipes is a hub for an entire range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian curries and cookery tips !!

Chirongi ka dalcha3

Chirongi Ka Dalcha

This mouth-watering recipe combining the delicate flavors of meat, nuts, blended with spices was most popular during the Nizam reign in India. It was widely rumored back in those days that, lentils (dal) caused pain in the joints which is why Chirongi (Piyal nut) was used as a substitute. The use of Chironji or piyal nuts imparts the recipe with a unique rich royal flavour, as this was served to the Nizams and the Hyderabadi Nawabs.

Paneer Do Pyaza, Shahi Paneer Pyaza

Shahi Paneer Pyaza

A creamy textured, mildly flavoured authentic Indian vegetarian recipe, Shahi Paneer Pyaza finds its place amongst the most popularly served curries on the Menu list of all major Indian Hotels and Restaurants. Cottage cheese or paneer is a versatile ingredient which is cooked along with spices , cream and onion cubes to impart a unique flavour to this recipe.

Mouth-watering Leg Roast

Shahi Raan

Finding its place amongst recipes reserved for those special occasions, Shahi Raan descends directly from the kitchens of the Shahi Nawabs of Hyderabad. 'Raan' in Hindi refers to the leg of the lamb as this dish is mainly cooked from Lamb leg marinated with a blend of aromatic spices , fresh yogurt and cashews. A rich, mouth watering recipe that is sure to add a touch of royalty to any menu !!

Flavoured Rice

Flavoured Yellow Rice

A simple yet awesomely flavourful rice recipe flavoured yellow rice is cooked using a contemporary method which accentuates to a great degree the aroma, flavour and yellow appearance of rice. The uniqueness of this rice recipe comes through the use of rose water which together with the use of spices helps to impart a mildly flavoursome aroma and taste that is sure to tickle your tastebuds !!



Traditionally, Naan or Indian Flatbread was cooked in a tandoor (oven) however, at our home in the UK, we have come up with our very own unique version of making these Naans which turn out just as soft and delicious as the traditional cooked naan !

Recipe for Kadhi

Recipe for Kadhi

A rather traditional and popular Indian recipe Kadhi consists of pakora or fritters made of gram flour scattered and soaking in a sour- creamy yogurt-based gravy

Chicken 65

Chicken 65

This easy to make popular Starter recipe is made from boneless chicken pieces pre-marinated with flavored spices and ginger garlic paste served with crispy curry leaves and green chilies. This awesomely succulent and spicy chicken recipe is sure to add a zing to any party menu. Chicken 65 is also served as a popular side dish along with Hyderabadi Biryani to truly complement and enhance the rich Biryani flavors!!

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