Lucknowi Kebab Biryani

What is unique about this recipe 


Lucknowi Kebab Biryani is a work of rather unique home recipe innovation, Inspired by the special Lucknowi Kebabs and the Hyderabadi Biryani. This recipe reflects a perfect fusion of Lucknowi cuisine with Hyderabadi cuisine. Two famous Indian cities know for their royal cultures.  A unique blend of Biryani and Kebab delight! 





·        Boneless  Lamb 1 Kg

·        Onions -4 finely sliced

·        Yogurt- plain, 2/3 cup

·        Ginger-garlic paste – 1 1/2 tablespoons

·        Salt -1 teaspoon (or as per taste)

·        Red Chillipowder – 1 1/2 teaspoon 

·        Turmeric-1/2 teaspoon 


Whole Spices 


·   Cinnamon – 1 stick 

·    Black Cardamom – 1 pods

·    Green Cardamom – 5 pods

·    Whole Black pepper – 2-3 pods 

·  Cloves-4-5 pods

·   Bay leaf – 1-3 Medium Size

·   Shahi jeera (black cumin) – 1 teaspoon 


For the Biryani 


·      Basmati Rice (long grained)- 5 cups 

·      Lemon juice – 2 tablespoons 

·        Oil -3 tablespoons 

·        Coriander fresh -1/4 cup finely chopped

·        Mint fresh – 2 tablespoons chopped

·        Saffron – 1 teaspoon (ground and dissolved in 2 tbsp hot water)

·        Ghee (clarified butter) – 2 teaspoon (optional)


Ingredients for Cooking Rice 


·     Oil -3-4 drops drizzled into the water 

·     Bay leaves -2 

·    Garam masala powder – 1/2 teaspoon

·    Black Cardamom – 2-3

·    Cinnamon Stick – ½ Inch







The method for making kebab biryani broadly involves the
below three steps:


1.       Preparing the Lucknowi lamb kebabs 

2.       Preparing the base gravy for the biryani 

3.       Cooking up the flavored rice & completing  the Biryani


Let’s start 


1)     Preparing  the Lamb Kebabs:


For preparing the lamb kebabs please refer to our earlier recipes titled Lucknowi Kebab recipe which lists out the detailed step by step method for preparing the lamb kebabs.



2)  Preparing the base curry for the biryani


·        We prepare the marinade by mixing the yogurt together with salt, turmeric,  ginger-garlic paste, chili powder, garam masala powder, and the whole spices 

·       We need to make sure that the resulting marinade is of thick consistency

·        Heat the oil on medium flame in a medium-sized Kadai

·     Fry the onions till they turn golden brown

·        Now add the marinade to the sautéed onions 

·        Let the gravy simmer for 15-20 minutes and make sure you keep stirring the gravy
occasionally to prevent the yogurt from forming lumps

·        Once the gravy gets cooked add the fried kebabs to the gravy 

·        The gravy is now ready to go into the cooked biryani rice


3)     Rice preparation 


·        Wash the basmati rice 4 to 5 times gently taking care to see that the rice does not break. After the final rinse leave the rice to
oak in water for about 1 hour

·        Take a deep bottomed medium-sized cooking pot with a flat lid. Fill the pot to up to 3/4th level. Add the ingredients mentioned above to the water and leave the water on high flame until it starts to boil

·      At the point where the rice starts to boil, lower the flame, drain out the excess water from the rice left to soak, and pour the rice over into the boiling water to let it cook

·        Let the rice cook just until all the water is absorbed. Cooking the rice to the rice consistency is a very crucial step in preparing the biryani hence every care should take to see that the rice is not overcooked

·        Once the rice looks 3/4th cooked take it of the flame and drains the water out completely with the help of a sieve

·        The next step involves the assembly of the rice and the lamb together

·        Coat the inside of a large aluminum vessel with oil by gently drizzling the oil in circular motions. This would prevent the cooked rice from burning as the layers of meat and rice are cooked together.

·      Transfer the cooked rice into the large vessel and even out the rice to create a uniform layer onto which the cooked lamb marinade is to be added

·        Now drizzle the lemon juice and saffron water onto the rice layer

·        Spread the kebab marinade evenly onto the rice layer

·        Sprinkle the chopped coriander and mint and spread the remaining fried onions over the kebab gravy

·        If preferred, drizzle an extra 2 tablespoons ghee over the rice.

·        The final step involves the steaming of rice by sealing the mouth of the vessel with the help of aluminum foil sheets and then covering up the top of the foil with a flat lid.

·        The rice can steam for 20-25 minutes on low flame until we start to see steam coming out through the vessel which is an indication of the biryani being fully cooked

·        At this point switch off the flame and very carefully remove the lid and the foil from the top of the vessel and making use of a ladle, gently try to mix through the layers of rice

·        Serve the biryani in a flat platter and garnish it with fresh coriander, lemon juice, and browned onions


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