Luckhnowi Kebabs

What is unique about this recipe

Spiced melt in the mouth minced lamb kebabs. This are excellent snack very popular about the people of Lucknowi landlard – The Nawabs of Lucknow.

 It is believed that they ofter had parties and chefs called the Khansama’s ofter come up with newer unique recipes, sometimes to impress the guest and sometimes to please their masters for better rewards and prospects. 

This historic kebab, would definitely should definitely be relished once, it is used is many forms. In moden0-day we also use it as a filler when making exoctic lamb burger alongside other salad ingridents. 

Ingredient for Lucknowi Kebabs

Boneless lamb – 250 gm 
Cornflour 1 teaspoon (as the binding agent )
Cinnamon sticks – 1-inch stick
Cloves – 1-2 cloves
Green Cardamom –1-2
Ginger-garlic paste– 2 teaspoon
Tamarind paste – 1/2 teaspoon 
Yogurt – 1 tablespoon
Shahi jeera ( Black caraway seeds)- 1 teaspoon

Method to cook Lucknowi Kebabs



Wash the boneless lamb pieces pat dry with a paper towel to make sure there is no water left 

Take the lamb pieces in a bowl and add all the above-mentioned ingredients and mix them with hand thoroughly.

Pressure cook the lamb in a cooker by warming 2 teaspoons of oil and adding the above lamb marinade to pressure cook for 5-6 whistle 

The next step would be to dry off any remaining liquid by cooking the meat at low flame until all the water dries out 

Take care to ensure that the resulting lamb is neither too dry nor too watery inconsistency 

Let the mixture cool down for 10-15 minutes then transfer the contents of the cooker into a blender 

Blend the pieces of lamb so that the resulting lamb mince forms fine shreds 

Now add the cornflower in and mix well into the blended lamb
Empty the lamb mince into a desperate bowl to start making the kebabs 

Now grease the palm of your hand with oil and take tiny portions of the batter to form oval-shaped flattened lamb kebabs Deep dry the kebabs in hot oil taken in a deep bottomed Kadai or pan 

Serve hot with onions rings, slices of lemon or lime

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