Chirongi Ka Dalcha

Chirongi ka dalcha3

                         Chironji Nuts 

What's unique about this recipe

This mouth-watering recipe combing the delicate flavors of meat, nuts, and several spices was most popular during the Nizam reign in India. It was widely rumored back in those days that, lentils (dal) caused pain in the joints which is why Chirongi (Piyal nut) was used as a substitute. This provides the recipe with a unique rich royal taste, as this was served to the Nizams and the royal Nawabs.

Ingredients for Chirongi Ka Dalcha


1) Boneless lamb meat – 250grams (neatly cut into cubes)
2) Onion – one, cut into even and thin slices
3) Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tablespoon
4) Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp
5) Turmeric (Haldi) powder – ¼ tsp
6) Oil – ½ cup
7) De-husked and soaked overnight Chirongi seeds – 100-150 grams
8) Beaten yogurt /curd – ½ cup
9) Fresh Coriander leaves – 2 tablespoons
10) Salt – a pinch to add taste
11) Spices
a) Cloves – 1 to 2
c) Cinnamon stick – small piece (1/2 cm)
b) Cardamom – 1

Method to cook Chirongi Ka Dalcha

  1. Start by heating the oil in a pressure cooker
  2. Add some spices (Cloves, Black Cardamom, cinnamon stick to flavor the oil as its heating up, now add onion slices to fry them, till they turn a scrumptious golden brown!
  3. Turn flame to low and add the ginger-garlic paste, salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder (you may add a small quantity of water if required)
  4. Now add, diced meat, keep stirring the mixture and add curd, let it cook for 2-3 minutes on low flame, and ensure the curd is properly mixed and starts to cook.
  5. Now go ahead and add 2 cups of water and the overnight soaked Chirongi seeds.
  6. Now cook until the meat is done and fully cooked.
    Ideally 4-5 whistles over a low flame or about 10 whistles over medium flame. If you are not using a pressure cooker, then, cover the pot with Aluminium foil and cover the lid tight, leave it on low flame till 40 minutes
  7. Garnish the final meal with freshly chopped coriander leaves and enjoy! This meal can be served with either rice or chapatis.

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