Recipe for Phulka  What is unique about Phulka?   Phulka typically refers to Indian flatbread, quite popularly eaten for dinners especially amongst those who prefer light dinners! Phulka is similar to Indian roti, except that it is a healthier option compared to roti as it is devoid of any oil. Layered and soft, it can …

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Recipe for Poori

What is unique about Poori we recommend you read the recipe for Poori,  a crisp, golden, unleavened fried bread tastes like no other before you start cooking. Easy to make and versatile to pair with almost any Indian curry or gravy, puris are perfect for those lazy Sunday beaks fast menus. Both children and elders …

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Recipe for Naan What is unique about Naan The most famous resturant-style tandoori naan can be easily cooked and relished at home. Naans can be served with alomost all the curries and gravies  Traditionally, naans are cooked in a tandoor (oven) however, at our home in the UK, we have developed our own home style …

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