Recipe for Raita

What is unique about Raita ?

Raita typically refers to an accompaniments used as a sided along with the main rice recipes !! A perfect accompaniment to go with Indian Biryani, Vegetable Biryani or Pilao , it follows a very simple method of preparation . Perfectly creamy in texture and flavour , it adds that little extra flavour to any dish

Ingredients for Raita

 To serve 4 

Onions – 1 large , finely chopped
Tomato – 1 medium, finely diced
Cucumber – 1/2 a cucumber , cut into
small pieces
Coriander- 8-10 twigs , finely chopped
Green chilli – 1 , finely sliced
Salt to taste
Yogurt – 250 gms

Method to make Raita

In a bowl empty the yogurt and whisk it by adding a quarter of a glass of water

Add the salt and mix
Next, toss in the all the chopped vegetables to the whipped yogurt and give them a good mix with a with a spoon 

The raita is ready to be served and is best when refrigerated before being served 

Alternatively, if you are the one who likes to go for a more tangy flavoured raita then you could substitute the yogurt with lemon juice 

Just drizzle in a soaring amount of lemon juice over the cut vegetables following the same procedure as above

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