Paalak Gosht

What is unique about Paalak Gosht ?

A deliciously healthy Indian non-vegetarian curry , Paalak Gosht combines the goodness of spinach with the juicy flavours of lamb meat. Paalak Gosht makes for a simple yet delightful meal. Ensure you cook Mithi Daal along with Paalak Gosht, along with Flavoured or Plan boiled Rice

Ingredients for Paalak Gosht :

Lamb meat – 250 gms, with or without bone
Spinach – 500 gms, washed and chopped
Oil – 4 teaspoons
Onion – 1 large finely chopped
Cloves – 1-2
Shahi jeera – 1 teaspoon
Turmeric- 1/2 a teaspoon
Salt to taste
Ginger garlic paste- 2 teaspoons
Chilli powder- 2 teaspoons
Green chillies – 1-2, slit vertically

Method to cook Paalak Gosht

In a medium-sized pan or pressure cooker, heat the oil leave it to temper by adding the cloves and shahi jeera and slit green chillies
As the oil starts to give off a sweet aroma add the onions and sauté till they turn translucent
Now add in the turmeric, ginger garlic paste, salt and chilli powder and give the ingredients a good mix for 2-3 minutes
Then add in the lamb mutton pieces and cook on a medium flame for 5-10 minutes as the meat starts to change colour and gives off water
Add 1/4th cup of water and leave the gravy to cook for 4-5 whistles or if cooking in a pan or gravy pot cover the lid tightly and leave to cook on the low gas flame for 30-40 minutes
At the end of this time, let the cooker cool or uncover the lid of the vessel
The meat should have turned tender and the gravy should have attained a semi-thick consistency
If the gravy looks too runny, leave it to cook on low flame so the water evaporates
Now switch off the flame and dish out the gravy in a serving dish
Serve this delectable Paalak Gosht recipe with hot rotis ( flatbread ) or rice

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