Lucknowi Goli Kebab

What is Unique about this Recipe?

The term ‘Goli’ in Hindi is commonly used to refer to anything bullet-shaped.  

This exotic kebab recipe was specially crafted for the rich, old, and fanatical foodies of Lucknow during the Mughal regime- the Nawabs.  During their old age, they were not able to chew lamb properly, so the chefs at that time came up with this outlandish recipe that was made by blending the cooked lamb with various spices, to impress and win the Nawabs’ consideration and kindness.

 The end result was they were able to serve a Kebab in the size of grapes!!

Ingredients for Lucknowi Goli Kebab



  • Marinate boneless lamb meat with Salt, Red Chili powder, Turmeric powder, Garam Masala powder, 2 spoons of Lemon juice and Ginger Garlic paste, and one tablespoon oil (optional)
  • Let the marinated lamb meat stay for about 1-2 hours preferably refrigerated
  • Now cook the marinated lamb meat in a pressure cooker by adding 1 cup of water and a medium potato (washed) 
  • Pressure cook the lamb meat till it tenderizes, preferably on medium flame
  • Open pressure cooker, when safe. Ensure the lamb is properly cooked and is tender
  • If you see any water left inside, continue to cook till the water gets dried, this also helps to further soften the meat and allow the meat to cool
  • Transfer the meat in a blending jar, and add 1 teaspoon of oil and 1 tablespoon of yogurt, this helps to soften the meat and at the same time imparts addition to flavour to the meat
  • In the next step, we blend the meat in a Food Processor to get a finely minced lamb mixture
  • Empty the paste from the blender jar into a bowl, as we need to make ‘golis’ from the minced lamb mixture
  • The  ‘golis’ are made by pinching out small portions of the meat and molding them into round balls (‘golis’) by applying gentle pressure between the greased palms of your hand. Each ‘goli’ should be about approximately 1-inch in diameter 
  • The next step would be to deep fry the ‘golis’ for which we would take a deep bottomed kadhai or pan and add 1 cup of oil
  • On medium flame, we deep fry these Lamb Goli till they turn deep gold brown
  • Lastly, remove the golis from the kadhai, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the kebabs, and serve them piping hot as a starter or with rice!
  • Serving Suggestion:
  • The Goli kebabs are best served along with a cube of cheese each pricked onto a toothpick (this gives this traditional starter a very contemporary look !!)

This recipe could be altered by use of  Lamb mince in place of Lamb meat.

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