Shahi Rabdi

Shahi Rabdi

Recipe for Shahi Rabdi

What is unique about Shahi Rabdi?

A rich creamy sweet delight Rabdi gets counted as of those royal traditional sweets that you can’t stop yourself from indulging.

Originally prepared by boiling milk and then enriched with saffron and a mix of nuts, I have opted for a slightly variant method to make the process more simple to prepare but nevertheless not compromising on the traditional taste !!
So go ahead and indulge yourself in this traditional delight !!

Ingredients for Shahi Rabdi

Condensed milk – 250 gms
Evaporated milk – 250 MLS
Sugar – 50 gms
Saffron- 10-12 strands
Rosewater – 1 teaspoon

Dryfruit slivers including

Almonds – 2-4 chopped
Pistachios – 3-6chopped
Cashews – 2-4 chopped

Method to cook Shahi Rabdi

You could start by soaking the saffron strands in 4 tablespoons of warm milk in a bowl

In a heavy-bottomed pan or vessel, heat the evaporated milk on medium flame by stirring it continuously

Alternatively, full fat or whole milk can also be used in place of the evaporated milk however I have used evaporated milk to shortening the cooking time as the idea is to thicken the milk to half its original volume through continued boiling
As the evaporated milk is preboiled it saves a lot of time doing this!

Once the evaporated milk starts to form bubbles, lower the heat and pour in the condensed milk letting both the ingredients to mix up well

Continue to stir the liquids for the next 5 minutes on low flame and then add in the sugar

Allow the sugar to dissolve completely by stirring it with the help of a ladle in circular motions on low flame

As a sweet smell of the mixture starts to be given off, add the saffron stands in milk along with the rose water and stir well, then switch off the flame

Serve this sweet, aromatic, mouth-watering Rabdi garnished with chopped pistachios, almonds, and cashews !!

Rabri is best eaten cold by leaving it to chill in the refrigerator for a few hours !!

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