Recipe for Nimish (Cream-Pudding)

What is unique about Nimish?

A unique, delicately flavored sweet creamy froth delight – Nimish finds its origin from the popular Lucknowi Awadhi cuisine

The term Nimish literally translates to dewdrops. Nimish in India is generally prepared during the cool, misty nights of December which provide the perfect setting for churning up this light as a cloud frothy creamy delight!


Back in the days, Nimish was traditionally prepared by boiling a mixture of milk and heavy cream and then leaving this milk out in the open on Indian dalāns or verandas to allow dew drops from the fog to settle onto the milk. This dew-infused milk was then whipped up early in the mornings forming that perfectly foamy bowls of creamy Nimish !!

The recipe mentioned below is a modern adaptation of the traditional method, though by no means losing out on the original flavor!!


Ingredients for Nimish

Full fat milk – 250ml
Double cream – 1000 gms
Sugar – 400 gms
Ground cardamom – 1 teaspoon
Almonds – 5-6, (Finely Chopped – Optional) 

Method to make Nimish

In a double boiler heat the milk and the cream on low flame by continuous stirring, with ladle is a critical part of this recipe

The key to preparing good Nimish lies in the process of continuous stirring of the milk and cream while on flame, allowing them to boil

As the milk starts to simmer, add the sugar and the cardamom powder and mix and dissolve the contents using a spoon

Once again, leave the contents to simmer on low flame by continuous stirring

Switch off the flame  and continue to stir till the liquid is at room temperature

We can use ice or cold water to help the liquid to cool faster, however, please ensure the stirring is not stopped until its at room temperature

Now we need to leave this mixture to cool overnight in the refrigerator, not the freezer

In the morning, take the milk and cream mixture out and using a hand blender churn the mixture until it starts to froth up forming pockets of foamy peaks on the surface

A lot of churning is required to get good creamy froth, which is delicately scooped out to an earthen pot, each churn might give one pot worth of this creamy froth pudding – Nimish

◦ Serve this melt in the mouth, rich creamy- Nimish delight garnished with finely chopped almonds … enjoy !!

You can store this milky liquid in the refrigerator and use it for lunch or dinner

You can also store this creamy froth in the refrigerator or leave it outside for a while provided the room temperature is not very hot


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