Jeera Rice

What is unique about Jeera rice

Cooked rice lightly tossed in subtle aromas of cumin, garlic, and curry leaves creating a flavorsome aromatic rice

This can be eaten with many vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes

Jeera in India refers to Cumin, this flavoured cumin fried rice is easy to cook and certainly can be improved to taste.

Jeera rice is a quick to make recipe, and it was first innovated on the Dhaba (Motor Resturants) where please stop to take a break. Jeera and Curry leaves add freshness to rice

Jeera Rice is very famous and is available in restaurants

Ingredients for Jeera Rice

Rice – 2 cups (cooked)
Cumin seeds (jeera) – 1-2 tablespoon
Fresh Curry leaves- 8-10
Garlic- 1-2 pods, peels and finely chopped
Green Chilies – 1-2, slit through the center or as finely chopped

Salt to taste
Clarified butter – 1 teaspoon (alternative oil could be used)
Coriander – 1 tablespoon, freshly chopped

About Cumin Seeds or Jeera

Cumin seeds are must to include spice in our home kitchens, used in various curries and to temper the oil.

Cumin has become a subject of research as it is known to reduce inflammation, prevent gas, suppress muscle spasms, and aid for indigestion, diarrhea. 

Grounded cumin is added to yogurt with a little salt to make refreshing buttermilk. 

There is another form of jeera or cumin, referred to as Shahi Jeera, which is different, we recommend the use of cumin seeds for this recipe. 


Method to cook Jeera Rice

It is best to start with precooked rice for making jeera rice 

Cook the rice as normal in a pot or rice cooker and once cooled, loosen up the rice gently making sure the grains do lot break

In a heavy-bottomed pan or Wok, heat the ghee on low flame and toss in the cumin seeds, garlic, curry leaves, and slit green chilies, giving them a good stir or toss

When you start to smell the sweet aromas of the added ingredients it’s time to add in the cooked rice 

Mix in the loosened rice into the sautéd ingredients by gently tossing up the pan 

Ensure the rice and the tempered spices are mixed by continuously gentle tossing

Now at salt to taste and continue to gently toss the rice.

Its recommended not to use a ladle as it might break the rice, however, if you are unable to toss the rice, very gently try  to mixes the rice and ingredients

Switch off the pan or wok and serve the rice and garnish it with fresh coriander 

Coriander leaves always add freshness to the recipe

Viola, the jeera rice is ready to be served alone or equally palatable with any of the non-vegetarian or vegetarian curries

We recommend you improve this recipe to taste by adding more spices or garnish.

We have also tried garnishing it with gently fried curry leaves and finely chopped green chilies.

We have also tried garnishing with golden fried onions.

Please let us know, your improvements to this recipe.

This recipe is also known as Dhaba Jeera Rice or Dhaba Style Jeera Rice


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