Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo

Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo

Recipe for Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo

What is unique about Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo?

Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo is a delightful spicy vegetarian starter that can be served along with hot Pooris.  

Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo is typically consumed along with Sabudana Khichdi made from sago seeds or a special type of Pooris made from Rajgira Flour, called Rajgira Poori

Providing you with bursts of spice along with a sweet aromatic flavor of potato sautéd in clarified butter, the flavor of this special dish will leave you asking for more !!!

Using aloo or potato as its main ingredient along with freshly blended Hari Mirchi or green chilies, this melt in the mouth dish is sure to leave your taste buds tingling !! 

Ingredients to cook Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo

Potatoes ( Aloo) – 2 peeled and diced into small rectangular pieces
Green Chillies ( Hari Mirchi ) – 4-5, de-stemmed and blended to a paste
Salt to taste
Clarified butter – 3 tablespoons

Method to cook Hari Mirchi Ke Aloo

In a heavy-bottomed pan or dish, heat the clarified butter on medium flame

As the pan start to heat, add the chopped potato giving them a good mix

Cover the pan with a lid and leave them to simmer on low flame for 10-12 minutes

This time allows the potato to get cooked well without them getting overcooked or burnt

At the end of the stipulated time uncover the lid and add in the green chili paste and salt and give the ingredients another good mix

Keep stirring the contents continuously for 2-3 minutes to take away the sharp spiciness of the freshly ground chilies

Now switch off the burner and enjoy the hot spicy Hari Mirchi ka Aloo along with Sabudana Khichdi and Fresh Yogurt !!!

The spice level of the dish can be adjusted according to your own preference by decreasing the number of chilies used

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